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Looking for a pre-purchase inspector? Often the first question we get asked by people looking for a report is "what is the price?"  With respect, this is not the best way to choose a pre-purchase report provider. You should be taking into consideration experience, qualifications, the number of years in the industry, membership of professional organisations and attention to detail. These items should be your first questions, not what is the cost?  You need to consider the above matters when making a choice in your provider. This industry is currently unregulated and anyone can call themselves a pre-purchase inspector.  Sometimes the cheapest price is not necessarily the best inspection and report.  Buying a house is a large investment and it needs to be done carefully. Property investment is something that must be undertaken with the utmost of care. At NZBC Pre-Purchase Company Limited, we will provide professional building inspections in and around Tauranga. Please see below in regards to what is included in the pre-purchase inspection/report.

Process -When the arrangements have been made with the real estate agent/vendor for the inspection appointment time, we will send our engagement letter to you via email and upon confirmation Ross Hamilton will visit the property and conduct a highly thorough inspection, which will include non-intrusive moisture meter testing in the wet area rooms and other areas as necessary, inspect the cladding, structural integrity, and more. We will review and make comment on the building file in relation to compliance and as built plans etc in the report, we can order the USB from Council on our behalf and on-charge the Council disbursement to you, alternatively if the information is provided by the real estate agent we will view the link provided. We then provide a detailed report with digital photographs that clearly outlines our findings. Reports are written to NZS 4306:2005. Most reports are available within two working days of the inspection. We always offer a consultation (1/2 hour free) in our office or by phone to discuss the report after you have read the pre-purchase report so that you can ask questions.

Whether you're buying or selling, a building inspection it is vital for your peace of mind. Contact Ross or Louise Hamilton at NZBC Pre-Purchase Company Limited to have a chat and arrange an appointment today.

We are known in the industry as being particularly thorough. 

If you are selling your house and would like a pre-sale report so that there are no surprises, we will inspect and prepare a report so that any remedial work can be attended to prior to listing your home.

We have a related company called The House Warrant of Fitness Company which specialises in helping property owners who are not immediately planning on selling their home to ensure that their property is not leaking and that it is structurally sound.


At NZBC Pre-Purchase Company Limited, we offer a range of services as follows:
  • Pre-purchase home building inspections (which includes a full visual check of the interior, exterior, cladding, digital photographs are taken on site and moisture meter testing) - Note: Availability for inspections - please ensure that you have enough time to complete your due diligence, we recommend that you have 10 - 15 days - Please email or phone us with the property address so that we can give you an estimated fee or fee range - Note: Our fees are not based on 'one price suits all'
  • Pre-purchase inspections on commercial/industrial building
  • Non-intrusive moisture meter testing reports
  • Intrusive moisture meter testing reports
  • Pre-sale report
  • "End of Liability" Inspections - Have us inspect your building project just prior to the end of the ten year liability period for builders
  • Methamphetamine "Meth" "P" testingin association with MethSolutions Limited - We are certified samplers - MethSolutions have a schedule of fees applicable for a 5 day turnaround, 3 day turnaround or 2 day turnaround - These fees are in addition to our fee - Please email or phone us for a schedule of fees
  • Asbestos testing service
  • Insurance disputes
  • Supervision of building re-cladding
  • Third Party Reports (Safe & Sanitary Reports)  - Tauranga City Council are now accepting Third Party Reports as at December 2016. This is their new name for Safe and Sanitary Reports. Their fee for lodgement with Council is currently $350.00 (this may be subject to change with out notice).  Once you have lodged the Third Party Report, it is has been officially accepted and you have paid the necessary fees you will receive written confirmation that the report has or has not been accepted onto the property file. Council advise that it is up to their discretion whether they will include any particular Third Party Report in any future Land Information Memorandum (LIM). Please Note: If the report identifies any non-compliant building work they can issue a 'Notice to Fix' if they choose.
    The Western Bay of Plenty District Council generally do not accept Safe and Sanitary Reports/Third Party Reports on the property file and generally do not include them in any Land Information Memorandum (LIM), it is up to owners and purchasers to file these in their own filing systems.
  • Certificate of Acceptance Reports
  • Leaking building investigation
  • General problem solving in relation to building issues
We provide detailed and thorough reports on any of the above services - we are happy to discuss any of the above issues.

If you are in the property market, contact NZBC Pre-Purchase Company Limited for reliable home building or commercial and industrial building inspections.

We look at every detail to ensure that nothing is missed and provide a detailed report which is a completely accurate representation of the property in question.

You can rest assured that our building inspections are dependable and professional.
NZBC Pre-Purchase Company


Ross is qualified in building inspection, extremely experienced, professional, dedicated in providing accurate, thorough inspections. Ross attends regular in-service training to keep up to date with professional development. During his career Ross has worked for Lower Hutt City Council, Kawerau Borough Council, Te Puke Borough Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and in private practice as a Private Building Certifier and Consultant. He is also a qualified Environmental Health Inspector. He is particularly keen on fire safety matters as he has been a serving volunteer firefighter of 32 years and has now retired from the Fire Service

Ross is a registered member of NZIBI (New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors).

Louise is the Office Manager and has an excellent knowledge of the procedures in any of the services offered. Louise has had many years experience as a Personal Assistant and was employed by a prominant accounting practice in Tauranga for many years.

To speak to Ross or Louise, please phone or email us. For complete security when buying or selling a property, call us today!

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